I do not like your luxury.

The biggest problems of the World are caused by the concept saying that all the solutions have already been discovered, so we should copy-paste from others and assume that everything still will work like 1+1=2.

Try to prove that to IRS 😉.

Listen to me carefully, please… That’s the #bullshit that many not only believe in but also spread.

Imagine, that once in a while someone asks me “what are you doing for a living”?

So well… What do you want to know?

That is fine that you ask. I will tell you, really.

Nowadays, we all use so many strange channels of communication that, from the bottom of my heart, I hope there is at least 10% of people in my surrounding who DO NOT manage all of these mad-man-made social media info sources.

I DO NOT manage🖖🖖🖖, so I understand that many may not get me, once they manage their company’s communication on their own, just like me (which will not change even if I have 100 people in my team).

Asked about me, right?

Now imagine that usually, it takes me about 15 minutes to explain what I do and how and for what reason. Of course, that happens only if the person who asks is truly interested. If they are the “small-talk” people (like most), they lose interest 15 seconds after asking.

That’s my norm and I got used to it. And if it is too complicated too, they turn around and talk to someone else just like that. Literally 🧜‍♀️💃 .

That’s the luxury of the higher standard 😂. During your business meeting/evening, you prefer to have another drink than to talk to people who do not care anyway.

You know…

People want simple answers like “I have a travel shop/atelier”, “I have a travel agency”, “I work for a tour operator” etc. This is what they understand. 3 contact points are enough for many. Going over that is too much.

Of course, if you say “I do xxxxxxxxx $ commission on a single deal/travel sales”, your story does not matter anyway. You are approved BY DEFAULT.

But if you do things that are not standardized within the “travel industry”, they do not care who you are and what you do… Also BY DEFAULT.

Because why someone would like to understand more, right? 😉.

Why talk to new people once someone has 20-30 years of “#experience” in the industry (which is a whole damn #PaleoEra!!!) and earns xxxxxxxxx $ on a single deal with no effort put in because poorly paid people do that for them? Friends make friends and everything goes well (until someone dies).

It is how it is everywhere, in every single industry. I have been in many industries before I found out what I wanted to do and that one is no other.

But that one is my last one. I know that, I feel that and I will not waste it. And no one will stop me.

Rather instead I will write my own chapter. Or the whole damn book of #humanluxury made for people, not of money taken from people to create their fake luxury called #luxurytravelproduct.

I walk my own paths regardless of what others think and say. I do not care what happens. I have lots of time to use, and even if it is limited, I will not waste any single minute of it.

I am before 40 and have 20 years of proven work experience. I sent my last CV in 2014 and that one will not be sent again.

I never had and will never have an entry-level job. I started when I was 20 y.o. from being a manager of half of my country and I am tired of being proved and challenged by grandpas of the industry, or by their daughters wearing Gucci, Dior or whatever, for which they never earned on their own…

That is why I stop attending travel shows requiring me to confess how much I earn.

Why do you even care?
Who wants to know?
I do not think so.

Your suppliers do not want that too… We know that. People are bored, so people talk…

References? Come on. I heard the “references phone calls ” too many times in my life.

You know… I want to do the travel business differently.

For myself, I found a tiny niche and I am settling myself comfortably here. I am happy to enjoy living my life in this super tiny microclimate of even more super nice clients who do not care about all your industry battles once they pay more than you earn during your super stressful battles…

If someone else found my niche too, I do not know 🤷‍♀️. I do not care. Rarely do I watch what other people do and I bet 99,99% of the people I know have no idea what I do even though we talk once in a while.

They do not want to know and their minds work like a car that drives in a rut. Everything that happens outside the rut is first treated like something insignificant and then it is labelled “stupid”, “worthless”, and “not worth attention”.

But this is where true life happens.

Still, many are afraid of being not artificial, not perfect enough. For every single client who pays 100k+ they have a different face and none of them is the real one.

You do not understand? I get you.

It took me a while to understand why this happens and I understood that when not that far ago, someone told me “you are emotional”. The context was 100% different, and the situation was different (super stressful referring to human life) and this “you are emotional” was an insult…

Hell, I am emotional! I care about people! And I will remain emotional because this is me! And I like ME!

I am sick of sending my clients to people whose #emotions finish as soon as the client disappears behind the corner. I am sick of talking to Sales Directors who sell a #presentation, and sick of people who make the “#unique #experiences” in the mountains once they themselves are the product of the luxury travel industry (with millions of complexes hidden behind the #fake #smile and super high level of stress which everyone feels, when they represent a new agent to their client).

So you ask what I do?

I do #luxury FOR human beings. I do luxury WITH human beings. I do luxury FOR my AMAZING clients with my travel industry FRIENDS who are not fake, not lost in their own lives and schemas, and not treating me like “if I fit”.

With those who do not #judge, with those who do not calculate on me, with those who do not push on me.

I do luxury in #symbiosis with what people need #inside, not outside.

I do luxury for those who #feel, for those who #care and for those who have #values.

And I am that person TOO. I will not sell myself so you could make your money.

You cannot overgrow your mind. And I cannot and do not want to overgrow this part of me.

Thinking differently? So stop for a while and acknowledge that this is the future.

There are more and more of us. And dollars or euros do not buy us. New is coming!!!

Have a great weekend! ❤

Anna x Five Star Destination x Anna’s Luxury Travels

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Photo: just made in Namibia. Clients know.